how to start a box truck business

How to Start a Box Truck Business Step by Step 

With the trucking sector being the backbone of logistics and road operations, starting your own box trucking business in the US might be the perfect opportunity for you. Operating your own truck gives you multiple opportunities and a sense of financial independence and a chance to explore new places. 

However, if you are worried that it can cost you a lot more and are concerned about not earning consistently then you are wrong. Because in the US, the average Box truck owner can earn around $12,000-$15,000 per month after all the expenses, including fuel and maintenance.  

So, if you are planning to start a box truck business but are unsure how to proceed, then don’t worry, we have you covered. In this article, we will provide you with step-by-step guidelines on how to start your box truck business, but first let us know about what a box truck is. 

What is a Box Truck?  

A box truck refers to a small rigid truck with an enclosed cargo container rather than an exposed load truck. Ranging from 11-28 feet, box trucks offer secure, weather-proof transportation of materials through a rear gate or side doors across varying terrains. With a box truck, one can easily pick up and deliver freight like parcels, retail goods and small industrial items.  

The compact size of box truck allows truckers to ship in residential neighborhoods unlike semi-trailers. This flexibility can help box truck owners expand their client base and scale their operations. 

How Much Can It Cost to Buy a Box Truck? 

When considering the purchase or lease of a box truck in the US, it’s important to compare the costs and mileage of different types of trucks. Below is a table detailing the price ranges and mileage expectations for usual (used), new, and electric trucks.

Truck Type Cost (in $USD)  Miles per Gallon 
Regular 20,000 – 55,000 13 – 22 
New Box Truck 35,000 – 90,000 14 – 24 
EV Truck 65,000 – 110,000 180 – 330 (per charge) 

How to Start a Box Truck Business in 7 Easy Steps

Starting and running a successful truck business takes some steps to guarantee that you will position your business well. It will help you get an idea of how to get started.  So, let us go through these eight steps in details:  

  1. Design Your Comprehensive Business Plan: You can start by creating a business plan on paper to see its practicality. Establish a fundamental purpose and design blueprint of your business objective, strategies and operations. 
  2. Identify Target Market: Do some market research. It will help you determine the industries where you can get loads quickly and earn more. You may then customize your services according to customer demands. 
  3. Fill Essential Documents: Acquire Department of Transportation (DOT) along with Motor Carrier (MC) number. Then register your box truck and obtain any compulsory hazardous materials certificates. 
  4. Choose Insurance: Safeguard your box truck with insurance that will cater for all your needs comprising of cargo, general liability and health insurance. 
  5. Get Commercial Driver’s License: Make sure you complete your 3-month heavy vehicle training program and have a valid driver license. 
  6. Get Subscription to a Load Board: Load boards are widely used by brokers or customers looking to ship their goods. You can get access to these load boards and check loads that are relevant to you. 
  7. Focus on Customer Satisfaction: Once you get customers, keep communication open. Ensure punctual deliveries and encourage customers to provide feedback on cargo deliveries. 

Remember, success of any business does not only lie in planning alone, but it also lies in execution. To remain competitive and adapt to changing client demands regularly review and change your strategies. 

Do You Need to Hire Any Box Truck Dispatcher? 

While running a box truck business, it is important that you regularly maintain a strong relationship with clients. You can provide them with regular updates on expected cargo delivery time. However, you may have lot of work and are facing a lot of difficulty in managing communication, documents and the administrative work. In that case, you can hire an experienced dispatcher company that can provide your box truck dispatch service


Starting a box truck business helps in offering a personalized, affordable solution to tap the last-mile delivery sector. With consistent services and on-time performance, owner-operators can expand fleets and networks over time. While independence is rewarding, safety compliance and customer satisfaction must remain top priorities for sustained progress in the long run.  

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