How to Get Truck Loads

How to Get Truck Loads for Your Trucking Business? 

Whether you are an experienced trucker or just starting out, one thing that will always remain constant is figuring out how to get truckloads to haul. From freight recessions to load shortages, seasons of pandemic to recovery, truckers always need to keep driving no matter the circumstances! 

According to ZIPPIA statistics of trucking companies, the market size of the US trucking industry was over $217.3 billion as of 2022 and is anticipated to rise with a CAGR of 3.0% by the end of 2027. And to survive in this competitive industry, you need to get loads regularly. 

After all, securing high-paying loads is the primary objective of any trucker, or they won’t make money. Finding the best loads and routes for moving freight is crucial to maximize profitability. Whether you are an owner-operator or a business owner having a more extensive fleet, everyone is looking for truck loads that pay the best price. So, let us check out how to get truck loads regularly and maximize your profit. 

Effective Ways to Get Truck Loads

Effective Ways to Get Truck Loads

Your survival as a trucker is determined by how many loads you secured and delivered. Indeed, this is not as easy as it sounds because numerous trucking companies struggle to find loads that pay them well for each freight. Here are 6 methods on how to get truckloads for your trucking business: 

Look Online for Load Boards that Suit Your Needs 

A load board is arguably one of the most powerful toolsets for growing your trucking business. It allows you to look for genuine loads. Having a load board on your arsenal, you will be able to view: 

  • Pick-up and drop-off locations
  • What commodity needs to be shipped 
  • Weight of the commodity 
  • Required truck type 
  • Rates  
  • Broker reviews 

There are many load boards available online. Some of the popular ones include DAT and Truckstop. The former is suitable for all types of freight trucks, while the latter is perfect for getting loads for your Flatbed trucks. However, these load boards can be accessed by paying a monthly subscription. So, choose the load board that suits your needs. 

Register to Become a Government Authorized Contractor 

Local, state, and federal governments regularly look to outsource their transportation needs, mainly when no government-authorized transportation company is nearby. By registering as a government contractor, be assured that you will always be able to get loads. 

You can also partner with one of those firms that are registered government contractors. This way, when new government contracts come, you will be in the loop and may be chosen to haul loads for the government. 

Do Research Thoroughly 

Knowing where to start looking for the load is key to searching for the next load. Identify the best places for you and the lifestyle that suits you the best. Whether you want to have shorter routes so that you can spend more time with family or want to avoid the extreme winter weather in certain states, select the locations that meet your preferences. Afterward, you can search for loads in those particular places. 

Do not get carried away by the pricing currently in front of you. Look into it closely and take a bigger-picture approach while researching the load. You don’t want to be struck with complex shipment even if it pays higher. Instead, it is better to haul a load that is enroute to your home, even if it is a little lower paying load. 

Do Networking & Build Good Relationships 

Networking is another great skill that you can use as a business owner. The more you communicate with the people you drive for, the more chances you have of getting new business and maybe even discovering other ways of extending your services to new people. You might want to network with other carriers in a couple of ways.  

Try to be in community events or tech shows where you can grab some knowledge about existing, upcoming, and future logistics solutions, among many more. In addition to national and regional events, the local offices of these associations may also hold local events, where you can find the local carriers.  

Instead of searching ‘truck loads near me,’ you can use your newly found connections to ask if some open job opportunities might be available. Another option could be to stay connected with shipping companies and shippers using social networking platforms like LinkedIn. You can look up top manufacturers or exporters in your area. Then, search for people who handle shipping in these companies on LinkedIn and send them a request to connect. If they accept your request, you can go ahead and try to create a relationship with them. In the long run, they will likely give you a load over someone new who reaches out to them. 

You can join other truckers in private groups like Rate Per Mile Masters on Facebook. Such a group will help you stay abreast of the latest industry developments and updates. You can also connect with other like-minded people from your industry who might help you get quality loads. 

Make Use of Technology 

Technology has simplified and significantly improved our lives. Thus, you can now get all the information and tools for your business online, unlike the situation in the past when everything was done manually. Therefore, many industries, including trucking, depend on technology these days, and it can make it easier for you to find and book loads. There are a few ways you may use technology to your advantage. A few common tools for truckers include the following: 

  • Transportation Management System (TMS): Your operations will become easier to manage by finding loads, booking jobs, optimizing routes, and managing payments in one system. 
  • Mobile Apps: Using apps like Trucker Path, Truck Stop, DAT, etc., you can always check for new load opportunities.  

Get Dispatch Services for Trucking Companies 

If you want to get regular loads without worrying about how to get them, reach out to the truck dispatcher who offers truck dispatch services for trucking companies. They will look for high-paying loads for you and can also provide support in other administration areas, including accounting, billing, etc.  

Furthermore, they ensure that shippers pay invoices within the approved time limit. Thus, you have a whole team of expert truck dispatchers who will assist you in looking for truck loads in a more convenient manner. 


If you’ve reached this far in this article, you demonstrate a solid commitment to your research and are on the right path. You’re taking the necessary steps to explore practical strategies for securing loads for your truck. Now, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge into practice. Use these strategies a shot to find your next load and position your trucking business for success. 

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